Mission trips and visitors

Matt’s brother-in-law, Ryan Stoller came to visit last week with his son Braedon. Ryan serves as Vice-president of Amazon Salt and Light and Braedon is just a

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May 2019- US Team

Last week we had our first team from the United States! Five men from Illiniois and Indiana, including two pastors, arrived on Monday the 6th. 

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March 2019

This week has been like no other. Janelle left last Saturday with Mariah to the United States. Janelle had gotten a thyroid biopsy done right

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March- Supervision Trip

We live on the Madeira River. Madeira means “wood” in Portuguese. Some say it is because there are so many trees lining the riverbanks. Others

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Do you know how to read?

Two Saturdays ago Matt, Mariah, Jaelah, Frank & Samires (the girls’ new neighbor friend) took an afternoon trip out to Neguinho do Acai’s house to

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the move

We are about a week away from Luke and I heading back to Brazil. Three of the Brazilian missionaries have been in Humaita (the city

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January Visitors

It’s 2018 already.  I remember as a kid thinking that any year after 2000 was a LONG ways off, and would we ever really get

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