Mission trips and visitors

Matt’s brother-in-law, Ryan Stoller came to visit last week with his son Braedon. Ryan serves as Vice-president of Amazon Salt and Light and Braedon is just a little older than Luke so we could take care of “business” and enjoy family at the same time. Ryan and Matt spent one day in the community of Calama. This is a little over an hour upstream from Humaita. Two families have opened their homes and hearts to hearing the Gospel. One of the fathers accepted Christ when the American team was here a few months ago. He was talking to Matt the other day and asked if we were ever going to start visiting communities farther upstream (all of the other Amazon Salt and Light missionaries live downstream). Matt said, “yes, that is our vision, but we want you guys to do it. We will help, but our goal is for it to be driven by the locals.” He said, that’s what I want to do. I need to learn some more about the Bible, but I want to start training to be a leader. Praise the Lord for this testimony. The same person also told Matt that the other family’s father never like Christians before. He always made fun of them or got mad at them- never wanted them around. The guy told Matt, “but now he has totally changed. He is always coming over whenever we have cell group and seems to want to learn more. He actually likes you guys.”  Again all Glory to the Lord as we simply try to love people and begin teaching them the Word.

Ryan, Luke, Braedon and Matt

Two of our mission boats. Thankful for faithful donors that allow us to have much needed transportation.

Matt, Ryan and their sons in the community of Galeleia.

Ryan and Matt also spent time downstream where a family in the community of Galeleia has opened their home to have a cell group. This is even more special because this contact and initiation of the work was started by a local volunteer. The mission provides Erickson with a few gallons of gas each month and he oversees 3 cell groups. He would always travel past this community to get to his other cell group. One day he decided to stop and visit this family. They opened their home to weekly visits and are now looking to help enter yet another community where the wife’s parents live!


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