These are the laborers. The American and Brazilian missionaries who are taking the Gospel. 

Meet the Workers.

“So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.”
1 Cor. 3:7

The Steidingers

The Steidinger family (including Mariah (2001), Jaelah (2003), Luke (2005), and Sierra (2008) moved to Brazil in January 2013 and attended language school in Campinas (near São Paulo). In December 2013, the family moved north to the city of Santarém, along the Amazon River. After spending five years in Santarem, the Steidingers led a group of National Workers west to the state of Amazonas. In addition to being a pilot and mechanic, Matt also serves as Executive Director of Amazon Salt and Light and as president of the Brazilian mission Sal e Luz da Amazonia. Janelle is responsible for mission accounting (in Brazil) and also serves on the Brazilian mission board.

Fransisco and Auxiliadora

Fransisco and Auxiliadora were living in the small community of Barreira de Tambaqui.

Jadilson & Lauriza

Jadilson & Lauriza--Before moving to the state of Amazonas, Jadilson worked at a brick factory and together they were responsible for caring for a church of about 100 members.

The Paulos

Joao Paulo & Jercy--With their two children, Eduarda and Joao Victor, they now live in the community of Auxiliadora and are involved with children’s cell groups, leading worship, and evangelism.

Sergio and Edileuza

Sergio was one of the thousands of gold miners struggling to raise a family on the Madeira River. A young believer, spending months away from any church, still didn't discourage him and his wife from the desire to reach their families with the Gospel. In 2022, they joined the Salt and Light team. They are responsible for an area of the river around Humaita and also oversees boat maintenance. 

Meet the Board.

Andy Kaufmann: President

God used their mutual interest in international missions to draw Andy and his wife Marie together twenty years ago. They’re best friends and are blessed to be raising their four children in Central Illinois. Andy is president and majority owner of a commercial construction company and serves as a lay pastor in their local church.

Ryan Stoller: Vice-President

Ryan and Hope have made it their focus to “Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus (Col. 3:17)”. They were married in 2002 and have 3 biological children. Ryan and Hope have also been foster parents since 2006. The Stoller’s own and operate a professional floor cleaning business in Central Illinois. As Matt Steidinger’s younger sister, Hope enjoys keeping them connected stateside. The Stoller’s feel blessed and excited to be part of taking the Name of Jesus to the Amazon Basin.

Josh Pflederer: Secretary

Josh and his wife Brinlee served as missionaries in the Brazilian Amazon from 2006-2017, serving with the Xingu Mission and Asas de Socorro. Josh served as church planter supporter and aviation mechanic, Brinlee served as a nurse, school teacher and English ASL teacher. Josh brings his passion for reaching the remote people of the Amazon and his experience of serving in Brazil to the Amazon Salt and Light board. They currently live in Central IL where 2 of their girls are in high school and one is in college.

Dan and Liz Koster

Dan and Liz live in Sterling IL and have been long time supporters of the mission. They are actively involved in missions through their local church, have a daughter and son-in-law and grandkids serving overseas, and they have also donated a large space in their farm shed for the construction of the Bearhawk5.

Matt Steidinger: Executive Director

Matt and Janelle Steidinger have been involved missions for 18 years and serving in Brazil for 10. The Steidinger family, Matt and Janelle and their four children Mariah, Jaelah, Luke and Sierra, moved to Brazil in January 2013. After completing language school in Campinas (near São Paulo), they moved to Santarém on the Amazon River where they served for five years. In 2019, they moved further upriver to Humaita, a city located on the Madeira River (a tributary of the Amazon), to start a new base. Matt serves as base director and also as a pilot / mechanic while Janelle is involved in the Brazilian accounting for the mission. The whole family enjoys serving Christ as they minister to the river people of Brazil.


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