Supporting the Brazilian church to fulfill the Great Commission.

Help us reach 1,200+ unchurched communities.


“Rescue those being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.” 

While much of The Amazon river isn’t considered unreached, there are millions of people living in rural communities who do not have a local church or consistent access to the Gospel. Amazon Salt and Light is helping Brazilian missionaries take the Gospel farther, faster to the people along the Madeira River.

Spreading the Gospel in rural Brazil requires resources, especially for transportation. Help support our mission! 

Planting Churches for God's Glory.

Our goal is to plant 100 churches along the Madeira River system over the next 5 years. We work with Brazilian Missionaries, providing transportation, resources, and spiritual support to take the Gospel further, faster in the Amazon Basin.

How to support us.

A new Plane for a new area- A Bearhawk5

As we pass two years of working here in the state of Amazonas, we are seeing more and more the need for floatplanes. Our vision is to take what God has done here in Humaita and replicate it. What does that mean? We envision a team of Brazilian couples (4-6), a pilot (American or Brazilian) and a floatplane. This team would move to another city and begin reaching out to the surrounding communities just like God has allowed us do do here (see the map on the Mission page). After much time in prayer and research, the aviation committee has decided to build a Bearhawk 5. This is a new, larger model of our Bearhawk 4. The 5 (pictured above) is a 6 place and is slightly faster than our BH4. A down payment has been made ($10,000) and we expect the kit to be ready in June when we will need another $38,000. We are expecting to build the plane with a group of professionals and hope to finish in two years. Total cost (with floats, etc) is $200.000. Praise the Lord we have received donations of $65,000! Enough to start with the faith that God will provide the rest as needed!

The BH4 on amphib floats. The newer model is a stretched version.

As the build process moves forward on the Bearhawk 5, our prayer is that God will raise up a Brazilian leader and four Brazilian missionaries that are willing to move to a new area. At the same time we are asking God for a pilot / mechanic that will will also fill the role as administrator of the new base. We are trusting God for the financial resources that this project will need. In 2021, our desire is to begin visiting various cities seeking God on where He wants us to go next. With a goal to make the move in 2023!

Monthly Transportation Expenses.

As we increase our the number of Brazilians on our team, they will begin to be farther from our base. This means more boat and airplane fuel to continue providing the oversight that allows our workers to stay spiritually healthy and focused on the task. We anticipate needing an additional $5,000 per month in water and air transportation.

News + Updates

Back in Brazil

Three months in the US and now back home. Thankful for all our prayer warriors and financial partners. Click here for more news!

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Summer Missions!

We have partnered with four Brazilian churches from around the country. They brought a team in late May to serve along the Madeira River. More

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a New Year

We started out the new year with a weekend called “Renewing”. Thankfully there were families from the river that were able to participate along with

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