Supporting the Brazilian church to fulfill the Great Commission.

Help us reach 1,200+ unchurched communities.

While much of The Amazon river isn’t considered unreached, there are millions of people living in rural communities who do not have a local church or consistent access to the Gospel. Amazon Salt and Light is helping Brazilian missionaries take the Gospel farther, faster to the people along the Madeira River. 

Spreading the Gospel in rural Brazil requires resources, especially for transportation. Help support our mission! 

Planting Churches for God's Glory.

Our goal is to plant 100 churches along the Madeira River system over the next 5 years. We work with Brazilian Missionaries, providing transportation, resources, and spiritual support to take the Gospel further, faster in the Amazon Basin.

How to support us.

Invest in Transportation.

Plans are in place to make therepairs to the Bearhawk. The amphibious floats were destroyed and lead time on these special floats is 6-8 months. Along with the repairs to the Bearhawk, we are looking for a floatplane that could be used during the time the Bearhawk is being repaired. We are needing to raise $65,000 for the repairs along with an estimated $75,000 for an interim plane.

Support a Brazilian Missionary.

Currently we have 5 Brazilian families living along the Madiera River. In 2020, we are preparing to add three more Brazilian missionaries with the goal of spreading them out along the Madeira River and on to other rivers in the Amazon Basin. The five original families are currently supported but to bring the other three on board we will need an additional $2,300 per month.

Monthly Transportation Expenses.

As we increase our the number of Brazilians on our team, they will begin to be farther from our base. This means more boat and airplane fuel to continue providing the oversight that allows our workers to stay spiritually healthy and focused on the task. We anticipate needing an additional $5,000 per month in water and air transportation.

News + Updates

Bearhawk Engine

After my hard landing last year, we were not required to “teardown” the engine because the propeller was not turning when I hit the ground.

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Merry Christmas!

Check out the latest news from the Steidingers! Steidinger 12-20 Also Matt teaching in the river community of Novo Israel. Click here!  

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