Support the workers as they fulfill the Great Commission along the Amazon River. 

Help spread the Gospel.

We need your help to take the Gospel further, faster in the Amazon Basin. We offer support to Brazilian missionaries to plant churches and start cell groups in communities along the Madeira River. Learn how you can donate and what needs the mission has. 


Auto Bill Pay

this is our preferred method because it is the only automatic payment in which we receive 100% of the funds. You must initiate this process through your bank, most banks offer this through their website or you can contact them directly.

Mail Form

Print this form, fill out the information for your preferred method of payment, and mail it to the listed address. With this method, we can accept personal checks, credit cards, or automatic monthly payments (ACH).


Click the link to make a donation online using PayPal.

Specific Needs

Invest in

Plans are in place to make therepairs to the Bearhawk. The amphibious floats were destroyed and lead time on these special floats is 6-8 months. Along with the repairs to the Bearhawk, we are looking for a floatplane that could be used during the time the Bearhawk is being repaired. We are needing to raise $65,000 for the repairs along with an estimated $75,000 for an interim plane.

Support a Brazilian Missionary.

Currently we have 5 Brazilian families living along the Madiera River. In 2020, we are preparing to add three more Brazilian missionaries with the goal of spreading them out along the Madeira River and on to other rivers in the Amazon Basin. The five original families are currently supported but to bring the other three on board we will need an additional $2,300 per month.

Monthly Transportation Expenses.

As we increase our the number of Brazilians on our team, they will begin to be farther from our base. This means more boat and airplane fuel to continue providing the oversight that allows our workers to stay spiritually healthy and focused on the task. We anticipate needing an additional $5,000 per month in water and air transportation.