Learn more about how Amazon Salt & Light is fulfilling the great commission. 

The Madeira.

Several years ago, a group of pilots began a survey of rural communities along the Amazon River to determine how many of them did not have an evangelical presence. They mapped the results of their study and found hundreds of villages and towns without a church or significant access to the Gospel. Equipped with this information and maps, Amazon Salt & Light is working with Brazilian Missionaries to plant church along one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon – The Madeira. 

Our goal is to plant 100 churches along the Madeira River over the next 5 years.

Jump Jump.

Our strategy for planting churches along the river is called “jump jump”. The idea is that we plant a church in a community and use the relationships we build to find new contacts in another community. We use the existing network of relationships to spread the gospel down the river, rather than a linear approach where we simply work up-stream. 

You can see a map of our progress and findings. Explore the river with us and pray for these communities! 

Our Mission Statement.

Speed God’s Kingdom establishment among the unreached of the Amazon River Basin in partnership with and for the establishment of local churches, by providing practical and strategic church planting resources and support.

Our Vision Statement.

Lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, living for the glory of God and furtherance of His Kingdom in locally-lead multi-generational churches in every community of the Amazon River Basin.

We Value:

  • God in His eternal glory
  • Jesus Christ, God’s Son, coequal with Him, made fully man, the perfect sacrifice for the sins of all
    people through His death on the cross, resurrection from the dead and ascension to heaven
  • God’s Holy Spirit, coequal with Him, actively drawing people to Jesus Christ for relationship with God and present and alive in every true Christian
  • The Bible as God’s inerrant message for all mankind
  • Every person, made in God’s image for His fellowship and glory, unique and known by Him but marred and separated from Him because of sin
  • Salvation as God’s gracious gift for all who by faith trust Jesus Christ as their savior
  • God’s global and timeless Church, assembled, fully equipped, commissioned and actively living for God’s glory as His family and stewards in local communities