Do you know how to read?

Two Saturdays ago Matt, Mariah, Jaelah, Frank & Samires (the girls’ new neighbor friend) took an afternoon trip out to Neguinho do Acai’s house to perform the cell group that they have been having there every Saturday.

Going by boat

Arriving there, they were warmly received by him, his wife, and his 4 daughters.

After chatting for a bit, his mom arrived for cell group.

She arrived talking J the sweetest old lady; she began to tell us a bit about her.

“I can’t read. The Lord knows I’m not jealous of anybody except of those who can read. I can’t read His Word and learn more about Him. I have to ask someone to read it for me. The Lord knows I don’t know Him as well as I would love to, because I can’t read His Word that teaches me about Him.”

As she continued to talk, I believe many hearts were open, hopefully reminded, of what a great privilege His Word is. To have it, in our hands and possession everyday. To be able to pick it up at any given moment and read and learn more about our Father. What a privilege that I so often utterly overlook for the many other things I could and should be doing, when I have a Bible in both of the languages I understand, and simply pass by the chance to read it, because I will always have it, right? No need to memorize it. Why wouldn’t I have it always? We don’t know.


As I began to read, she sat down beside me and looked reverently upon the thin pages of the blessed Book (click here to see). My heart was touched at the simplicity, loveliness, and beauty of this lady. Hands calloused from probably a lifetime full of daily hard work. Wrinkled skin. The beautiful white and gray-streaked hair. A face seemingly constantly wreathed in smiles, but when she began to speak of her illiteracy, the eyes that quickly filled with tears as she again told how she longs to read to know her beloved Jesus more, but cannot. Someone must read it to her.

enthralled by His Word

I pray that as I go throughout my days, forgetting, that Jesus would constantly bring this afternoon to my mind, the rain silently falling outside, the smell of nature at every breath, the souls of the few but precious there gathered. Of the little old lady who couldn’t read, but silently, with what she did and did not say, urged us who could, to daily, constantly, be seeking our Jesus through His Word that He left with us.

May we always remember what He did at Calvary for us, and thank Jesus for His sacrifice, and for His Word that is available to us.

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