Amazon Salt and Light partners with Fenix Air Charter to provide experience for missionary pilot / mechanics

The apprenticeship program offers the opportunity for a Pilot/Mechanic missionary candidate to gain real-world mechanic experience while building hours in a variety of aircraft.

Fenix Air Charter is a Passenger and Cargo Charter based in Spartanburg, SC. The owner, Tim Lankford, was raised in Brazil as an MK and desires to help advance the Kingdom by offering a path for pilot / mechanics to the mission field. Realizing one of the obstacles to getting to the mission field is real world experience, Tim offers employment to potential missionaries. Working on a flying fleet allows the candidate to gain experience in a variety of areas. The growing charter company also provides opportunity for valuable PIC and SIC flight time.
Amazon Salt and Light is a mission founded to assist the Brazilian church in reaching the Amazon Basin. Transportation is one of the greatest obstacles preventing people living along the Amazon River from experiencing the Grace of Jesus Christ. The mission provides transportation resources (boats and airplanes) to facilitate the spreading of the Gospel in Brazil.

A missionary candidate with an A&P will work as a qualified mechanic at Fenix Air Charter for 2 to 3 years. During this time, Amazon Salt and Light will be in direct contact with both the candidate and Tim to evaluate and assist the candidate in receiving the technical and spiritual training to prepare them to serve with Amazon Salt and Light as an overseas pilot/mechanic.

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