the move

We are about a week away from Luke and I heading back to Brazil. Three of the Brazilian missionaries have been in Humaita (the city we are moving to) last week going out on the river. They have already made some great contacts (a nurse that has an outpost many hours from the city), visited various communities that don’t yet have any evangelical church. And PTL they found a house to rent. It is a little expensive ($125 / month) so for right now, two of the families will be living together. But it is a nice little community about 8 hours by boat from Humaita and has a school for their children. The third couple is getting there next week and they are planning to live on a houseboat right close to the city. They will begin going out visiting communities and evangelizing and we believe God will soon show them the most strategic place to settle. The last couple will arrive in mid-January. He is excited about going 12 hours downriver and possibly settling in a community close to the city of Manicore.


Jofrem, Frank and their guide





Here is a map of where they will be living compared to Humaita (our base). About 100 miles, but you can see all the red dots in between. The green are communities with a church, the red are communities without. We’ve got plenty of work to do!!


Here is a table information of the counties located along the river system we will be working in. The first column is the name of the county. Second is number of traditional (or recognized communities), the third column is the # of communities with an evangelical presence, and the last is the % of communities with an evangelical presence. On average about 14% of the communities in this rivers system have a church. Remember, in the Amazon if your village doesn’t have a church, you don’t just hop in the car sunday morning and drive for 10 minutes!


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