Discipleship is the key.

Click to read the latest news from Brazil! We believe making disciples or mentoring new believers is our first priority. Once someone is receiving discipleship

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Pastor’s trip

We believe that Mission has a different role to play in the Kingdom than the Church. At least that is the approach the Board has

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MK- I never knew what that was before we got involved with missions. “MK” is missionary kid. This week Luke went on his first trip

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Boat maintanence

We are back in “lockdown” here in Humaita. Not sure what that means as all stores are open and although there is an 8pm curfew,

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Bearhawk Engine

After my hard landing last year, we were not required to “teardown” the engine because the propeller was not turning when I hit the ground.

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Merry Christmas!

Check out the latest news from the Steidingers! Steidinger 12-20 Also Matt teaching in the river community of Novo Israel. Click here!  

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