Visitors from IL

Over Labor Day weekend we were excited to host Amazon Salt and Light’s board President, Andy Kaufmann and his wife Marie. Andy is also lay pastor at our home church in Bloomington, IL.  They brought along Jason and Nancy Damkoehler (pastors at Journey Church in Bloomington) to introduce them to Brazil and God’s work here in this region through ASL.



We kicked off the weekend with a special youth service on Saturday night highlighting Suicide Prevention month here in Brazil. Sunday we split up, with part of the group heading to Manicore to participate in their Sunday service, and then Monday visited a few of the river communities where ASL missionary Joao Paulo works.   Matt and Andy flew in ASL’s RV-6, and a fellow missionary pilot took Jason and Nancy and our youngest two kids in a MAF plane.

(Luke and Sierra went along to help translate). The Monday night service in the community of Tres Estrelas was a great surprise as nearly 100 people showed up—some walking several hours through the jungle to get there!

While part of the team was downriver, Janelle and Marie took a 2 hour speedboat ride early on Sunday morning to the river community of Prainha, where 23 precious souls were baptized in the Madeira River.

After returning to Humaita Sunday afternoon they were able to spend hours talking and catching up and some special time with our new pastor’s wife here in Humaita where we live.  Lots and lots of translation from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese but so sweet to see the connection when speaking the language of Christ’s love.

In the quick four days they were able to spend here, they ministered at four church services and spoke into and prayed over countless lives.

We were also able to connect with the leaders from our church in Porto Velho to continue to map out how the mission (ASL), and the church (Igreja as Nacoes), will work together going forward to make disciples and lay the foundation for a strong body of believers.

And their last night here we all went out for a Brazilian favorite, acai!




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