Hangar happenings

After being in Humaita for 3.5 years we continue to be blessed with the ability to improve our conditions here. Thankful for donations (like yours!) that allow us to be more efficient. Soon after our arrival we were able to build a hangar to store our 2 planes. However, being built some distance from the taxiway, made taxiing in the rainy months quite challenging. So much that I had to cancel more than one flight when the weather was OK, but the ground was not :-).


Here is a picture soon after construction in Jan 2020.

I had the wheel pants off for a bit because otherwise they would fill with mud.


This is after taxiing to the hangar.


Earlier this month we decided to take advantage of the dry season here and pour part of the ramp.


Not completely “by hand” as we had a mixture on site.


All the material needed to be dumped into the mixture.


All hands on deck!
And the finished product. At least to get rid of one mudhole.


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