Update on visa status

After frantically getting documents notarized, authenticated, etc during our training in Colorado (thanks to wonderful people in Michigan and my dad driving 4 hours on a last minute request), we had all the documents complete and accepted on October 1st. Whew, we thought what a relief. Well now, more that 2 months later it seems they have not yet made the trek to Brazil where the final approval will take place. We learned this week that our visa applications have not yet arrived in the Brazilian capital city, Brasilia. We have an attorney (recommended by PAZ) to work on the Brazilian end. She has been to the Brazilian consulate in Brasilia frequently over the last few weeks and notified us that they have not received our apps. After contacting Chicago, we find out that they never left for Brazil until November 6….not sure how long the mail service takes, but according to our attorney they have been sent by “diplomatic bag” and therefore, of course, that takes longer.  Maybe at least they will not be lost in the mail now!! We do not know how long the process takes once the documents arrive in Brazil, but we do know they will need to be then sent back to the US….by diplomatic bag??  Well, you get the picture.  Thanks for all your prayers.  It is totally in His hands.


Patiently waiting 🙂

OK, never mind — forget the fuzzy stuff…..I am totally impatiently waiting,



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