River / Road trip with Vineyard – Scott Blunier


As a young mission we are challenged to know what God’s desire is as we serve together to
build HIS church. Certainly, our focus must be on sharing the good news of the saving power
of Jesus. How do we train those believers to express Christ and live a Godly life in their
respective communities?
We have started out trusting our national workers to give Biblical direction to churches that
are raised up in his area. However, the Brazilian culture is very ingrained to be connected to
something bigger. We want them to know that it is through believing in Christ that His
church will be expressed in the villages. As a mission we want to serve along side our
national workers helping them live out that expression of Christ.
We invited the Association of the Vineyard churches in northern Brazil to come and help us
know God’s heart for His church is in this Amazon Region. One of the trips we took with
them was a road trip to Manicoré where they have quite a few cell group meetings.
Part of this trip included driving 80 kilometers on a dirt/mud road and for me personally was
a very excellent time of growth, both spiritually and naturally. I got stuck three times in the
mud and had to learn from an experienced driver the correct way to get through the mud. Here is short video showing the depth of one of the mudholes
He helped me to know that it was not speed but going slowly and letting your four-wheel
drive pull you through.

Matt checking out a shaky bridge before going across.

I was able to go upriver to a community I haven’t visited yet. One of our workers shared the Gospel with a young man back in April and he accepted the invitation to follow Christ. This young man then felt the call to go to another community. He shared the Gospel there and almost the whole village is now following Christ! Our leader, Frank, hadn’t been there yet so it was exciting to see him (click here) share about the mission to this group.
On the spiritual side, I learned that there are principles to strive for when a group of people
begin to express Christ. Here were just a few of the principles that we want to encourage
our cell groups to experience as they grow.
Jesus must be the foundation and all activity must be focused around a relationship with
Him. We must trust and rely on the Holy Spirit guiding the church to bring glory to Christ. Be
a body of believers that worships and praises God.

Worshiping in the community of Auxiliadora

Raising and being leaders that continually recognize that they are just servants of Christ
along with everybody else. A church body that desires to walk in His integrity and humility.
Each group should have a mission’s heart, training and serving others so the gospel
continues forward.
As a young mission we are stepping into new areas. We might think we know how to
respond, but our desire is fresh direction of the Holy Spirit. We want His direction to express
the name of Christ on the Madeira River in this Amazon region. Thanks for your continued
prayer and support. Your involvement continues to help us all serve together for His glory.

We stopped in a community on the way to another community. Most Brazilians are eager to accept prayer even if they haven’t yet surrendered to Christ. We are thankful HE is the ONE that does the work and we are simply His hands and feet!


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