Pastor’s trip

We believe that Mission has a different role to play in the Kingdom than the Church. At least that is the approach the Board has taken. As we work with various churches here in the Amazon, one that has agreed to partner with us is Igreja de Cristo. They have the same vision of small groups and discipleship vs the more traditional church model of one pastor that does almost everything. As a mission (Salt and Light), we are leaning heavily on them to help us in pastoral and other areas as the mission focuses on Transportation and Support / Training of National Workers. Last week four pastors from Igreja de Cristo spent a week with us traveling and teaching in the different geographic areas. It was not for the faint of heart and after many hours in the speedboat (rain, wind, etc) the main pastor said he had a revelation from God. God spoke directly to him on this trip and told him he was NOT to be a missionary in the Amazon but to continue to pastor his church in the city! 🙂

Although our goal was to disciple believers, the Holy Spirit was present and eleven people put their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation! We are excited that even though it was a tough trip physically for the pastors, they are willing to send someone every two months to spend a week giving training to the National Workers.


This is the church Luke helped work on (see previous post). They have definitely put it to good use!


The day before we arrived in the area of Manicore, there were 3 cases of COVID in the community where we were planning to do the training. God provided a different place although it did pour almost the entire service.


Thankful for brothers in Christ that caught plenty of fish so we could be physically fed also!


And even though we only had one spoon, that didn’t slow us down much!! 🙂


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