On the ground…

Well not really, since we are on the 9th floor of an apartment building :). Well its been a long time since I wrote something so I thought I would since we are in Brazil of course! I am also putting on some pictures of our apartment. They aren’t the best but I hope u get the idea. The worst part for me about the the apartment is the kitchen sink. It is high above the sink so when you turn on the facet it splashes water everywhere, plus I  have to wash the dishes and the drain doesn’t stay in. As you can see in the picture below we don’t have a living room space. We are going to get a couch so that’ll be good. In us kids rooms the beds can be twin beds or bunk beds.



Above: living/dining room



Above: kitchen


Above: Mariah and Jaelah’s room

Above: Luke and Sierra’s room


Above: laundry room 🙂


Above: parents room

These aren’t the best pictures but they at least show what the apartment looks like. The windows have bars on them instead of screens it is pretty cool. But in the morning it is really loud. The windows aren’t that sound proof.






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