MK- I never knew what that was before we got involved with missions. “MK” is missionary kid. This week Luke went on his first trip without either of his parents. He is 15 so probably not that big of a deal, right? Well here it is a bit different. The day before they left his friend asked if he knew how to wash his own clothes. I think Luke does know how to throw his clothes in the washing machine with a cup of soap, but it wasn’t like that on this trip. Washing your clothes means taking a bar of soap, dipping the clothes in the creek (keep one eye out for alligators) and then scrub them on a board. Among other things like “eating whatever they put in front of you or going hungry” cuz, as Janelle likes to say, “there ain’t no McDonalds!”

This is their building before the sides were up.


Two years ago Jadilson started working in the community of Santa Civita. Our focus is cell groups (small groups) and discipleship. However, this community quickly embraced the Good News and their cell group began to be too big for one house. They multiplied but still wanted to gather together as a larger group so they started building their church. They got it covered; however, when it rains and blows they can get wet even inside. They decided to cut some lumber to close it in and Luke and his friend wanted to help carry the wood out of the jungle.

Luke in the back– pretty excited.

Frank in front of the almost enclosed church!


Many times people ask (or at least wonder) why we did what we did and do what we do. How could you take your kids away from the US, etc? This missionary sums it up and explains it way better than I ever could.




“My thought was; ‘If this is REAL, why am I going to do anything else with my LIFE? I mean if I really believe what I say I BELIEVE why would I WASTE my time doing anything else?”‘


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