Mariah’s Thanksgiving post and Jaelah’s burn (from cooking)

Hi this is Mariah again! I’m so excited about Thanksgiving!!  In school we learned that Thanksgiving is not just about the deicious food.  It’s also about how Pilgrims survived the harsh winter, without much food and no medicine.  Also, God helped them through the winter by sending them the Indians.  It’s important to celebrate Thanksgiving because it shows how much He cared for them, so we have it as a holiday to worship Him.  What I’m looking forward to about Thanksgiving it being with family and eating all the delicious food (like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes…).

Five things I’m thankful for are: family, being able to go to church/Bible, having plenty of food to eat, books to read, people who care for me.  Things that happened this year that I’m thankful for are: God helped us find a house so we didn’t have to live in an apartment, and we have desks to do school and we don’t have to do it at the kitchen table or on our beds!

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!


Hi! This is Jaelah! This is my first post…….. Hope you like it! Last week  I was fixing pancakes.I had just flipped a pancake and I was setting the spatula down and I burnt my arm on the rim of the pan! The bad part was that we had to go shopping in a little while. It really hurt on the way there but I had put some save on it before we left. After a while it stopped hurting so that was good! Two days after that I was doing school and I looked at it and found that it had popped! I ran to find my mom, I said ”Mom! Mom!Look my burn has popped!” and she goes”Ooooooh! That looks like it would hurt! Did you see it pop?” me ”No. I just looked at it ” her”Oh.” So then she told me to put save on it.(I hadn’t put save on it  since the night I burned it.) Just then I touched it and said”Ow! That hurts!” my mom”Well don’t touch it!” So finally I put some save on it. But now it’s getting better. So thats good!(I think.)

Now to another part of my post. Dan da da dan and now it begins……

In this part of the post I’m going to tell you how much I like MI and how much I don’t like MI and now let it begin……

I like Michigan and it’s beatiful colors, but ……. I also kindeve  miss IL weather because it’s already snowed two times up here! And it’s like 40 degrees outside and ….. we ( us kids) have to sleep upstairs were there’s no furnace ! But luckely a church from  my dad’s school (SMAT) has kindeve ”adopted” us for Christmas!  Thank you all for your prayers and support as we get ready to go to the mission field!  Sorry I got a little off track!  That’s all for now!  Hugs and kisses!

Love, Jaelah

P.S. Miss you guys down in Illinois! Love you!


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