Girls sleepover, like “Totally cool!”

Hey everyone!  It’s been going good from Brazil!! This post is going to be about this past weekend, when we had Rafaella and Isabella over to sleepover night. We picked them up after the Jovems  (youth ‘service’) at church, came home, watched the movie Rio, had some pizza, then went to bed at about 1:00 in the morning. We woke up at about 8:00 on Sunday morning, played the Wii a little, Rafaella did Sierra’s nails, then we ate breakfast, played a little MORE Wii, Rafaella did MY nails, then we had rice, beans and salad for lunch. Rafaella and Mariah cleaned up the table and washed the dishes while Mom and everyone else got ready to go get Quiosque do Açai. Us kids went downstairs to wait for  Mom and Dad at the park. We played on the merry-go-round while we were waiting, and when they came down, Luke and Sierra went back upstairs with Dad to take naps, and then Mom took us 4 girls to the Açai place. We got  there, Mom went up to order and us girls went to sit down. We waited awhile before they brought our stuff out, but it didn’t matter to us! It was too good! Mom had also ordered pineapple juice, so we had something to refresh the Açai. It was good, and we all had a lot of fun! Mom needed to stop in at the grocery store to get some stuff, so we popped in there real quick and then headed home as fast as we could (it was REALLY hot out that day! And today it was 63!!) refresh ourselves with nice showers before church. We got home and took showers before heading off for some wonderful worship at church with our amazing church friends. It was an awesome weekend, and we enjoyed having them over! Muito obrigado por ter vido, Isa e Rafa! Espero que vocês gostaram, que com certeza nós adoramos esse tempo especial com vocês! Foi tão especial!! Tchau! 

     In the morning, right after we woke up. Me and  Rafaella slept on the mattresses, with Isabella in the hammock and Mariah on the couch.                                                                       

           Waiting for Mariah and Rafaella to get done with the dishes so we can go downstairs! Isabella’s showing me  and Luke how she knows how to write in English!! 

                       Rafaella finishing up the dishes.

Rafaella giving me a French manicure, except this one’s different. It had different colors instead of white and clear!! 

 Waiting for our Açais! Say Açais!!

   Just a sneek peek at what an Quiosque do Açai looks like! Good, huh? In the left upper corner if you look hard enough, you can see a cup with an orange-yellowish drink. That’s our pineapple juice! 

 Our breakfast on Sunday morning!: eggs on a taco!! Hmmm! 

 After breakfast: Luke and Isabella having fun on the Wii! 🙂

                                     This is just a picture of the view out our living room window. 

                Until next time everyone! Hugs from Brazil!

                                  Love, Jaelah 



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