Encounter with God- this weekend

Friday night, Saturday and Sunday we invited new believers (and some old) to take time out and hear from God. Luke participated along with 93 others. Over sixty people came from the river villages and we are believing they will take what they learned back to their communities and this fire will continue. There were couples from; Auxiliadora, Centenario, Jacunda, Santa Civita, Barreira de Tambaqui, Calama, Humaitá, Prainha, Barro Alto, Tres Estrelas, São Raimundo, Nazaré de Retiro, Varador Moreira, Boca do Rio, Manicoré and Igarapézinho.

Here is the area where they held the messages.

It took some serious planning. Thankful for the PAZ church in Labrea, Apui, Porto Velho and Humaita. Also we used the camp of another church here in town, so in all this was a great testimony to the Body of Christ working together.


Praise the Lord for willing workers to help in ALL areas to serve.


The biggest pot Janelle has ever seen!

Sleeping quarters for the men.


Luke participated and this is what our girls did most of the weekend.

Getting 60 people back home is a challenge! We don’t have a place for that many people to sleep so four speedboats left Sunday night around midnight. Others waited until Monday morning.

One of my good friends from Apui came and ministered. Luke said it was the most powerful testimony he’d ever heard. Rayner had to be back home on Monday so I had the honor of flying him back to his city. About an hour and half flight.

We rented two buses to bring them back to town.

Our church won’t hold that many people so we rented a building where they park semis. The people participating are outside the city for 3 days, no cell phone, etc. When they get back to the church, they are pretty excited to say the least!

We heard testimonies of marriages being restored and also believe many, many teenagers were forever changed!



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