Bearhawk Engine

After my hard landing last year, we were not required to “teardown” the engine because the propeller was not turning when I hit the ground. However, after prayer and consulting with the Aviation advisory committee, the decision was made to take the engine completely apart and verify each piece. This was going to cost some serious time and money, but we decided the security of knowing everything was OK was worth it. The airport manager knows a good engine mechanic (they are hard to find here in Brazil) so just before Thanksgiving he drove 3 days up here to begin tearing into it.

The 3 stooges… Well, I hope not! The older guy is the mechanic. He speaks Portuguese but I can’t understand him. The guy on the right is the airport manager but he’s from Uruaguay so his portuguese is mixed with spanish. It’s a wonder we get anything done!


First thing is to remove all the “extra” things. Starter, vacuum pump, cylinders, etc.


Engine is off the airplane. We took this time to check the engine mount also.


The case is split to allow the removal of the crankshaft (this we found was CRACKED!). So we purchased one and begin the installation.


I’m not sure where all these parts go. I rebuilt an engine in mechanic school but that was many moons ago!


They did let me help with simple stuff!


Cylinders back on. Waiting for the motor mount and the COVID restrictions to be lifted and then we should be able to start it!


A tree branch poked a hole in the fuselage during the hard landing so we have to do some fabric work also.


This flap was damaged also, but thankfully I was able to get the aluminum back into shape and now we are putting the fabric on it also.


One wing had some damage to the leading edge so I am doing some sheet metal work. That is something I can do!

Here is a video demonstrating how I bent the leading edge. Wasn’t my idea….. Youtube research!



Floats are purchased and are being painted in Georgia and then will need to be shipped and imported into Brazil. We are hoping to be flying by summer!


This is what she looked like before! Sept 2019


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