Baptism in the area of Manicore!

Our goal is to have baptisms annually (at a minimum) for each of our 4 areas. The end of November I flew to Manicore with another missionary and we were able to witness 11 souls make a public confession to follow Christ.

Here is worship beforehand. And a short video clip of the baptism. God is GOOD!

Erickson had never flown before, but by the time we headed back to Humaita, he was ready to pilot the plane for bit!

Erickson happy to spend an hour flying vs 28 hours by boat.


Then we filled the speedboat and (in the pouring rain) headed to the community.

Taking new believers to be baptized on the Manicore River.
It started pouring right before the baptisms for everyone was already soaked before getting in the water. Raining season in the Amazon.



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