Wings on

I am about halfway through my Perspectives class.  “All power is given unto Me…Lo I am with you always”.  When preaching from this text, Charles Spurgeon used the following words, “…’I will do as much as I can’, says one. Any fool can do that. [the person] that believes in Christ does what he can not do, attempts the impossible and performs it”.

We are in assembly and rigging class. Our group was assigned to put the wings on a Cessna 182. For those of you that are pilots, you will recognize that this 182 has a tailwheel. The school is actually modifying this plane. They’ve gotten parts from a 185 also so it will be a blend when we are done.

No wings

Getting ready for the first wing.

One wing on

Installing 2nd wing.

Both wings on! (flaps need a little adjustment)




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