Variety of things

Just a few pictures about our life over the last few days.
Luke’s chicken trap– no haven’t caught anything…..yet.

Went to a restaurant on Sunday. We had……fish.  Because the previous motor on the airplane rotated the opposite direction, they had mounted the tail fin offset (ok, ok, I know some of your eyes are starting to glaze over). With the new motor, we have to re-center the tail which involves removing rivets and fabricating some new pieces.  All airplanes have AD (airworthiness directives) which are things that need to be done/updated to keep the airplane safe. For this airplane, one thing we needed to do was to reinforce the tips of the elevators.



The water is in the hangar–doesn’t seem to bother Luke near as much as his mother (“you let him work in that nasty water?”).  The water will be in the hangar for another 2 months or so.


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