The last month

Over the last month, I have had a missionary pilot/mechanic from SIL/JAARS here helping me with the airplane. His house is flooded in another state of Brazil so they had to evacuate their base. While he was here, our goal was to re-wire the airplane and re-run the fuel lines to make it cleaner and safer. Many things were on the airplane that will not be needed for this next engine. Here is a picture of the firewall (where the engine will mount) before and after– and the pile of stuff we took off (man….I hope we don’t need any of those things).

Boats, planes….no automobiles in this one:

That plane looks really small. However, the pilot and the construction worker had just returned from a 2 day trip. They went 2 hours (in that little plane) in what would have taken 14 hours by boat. This is the rainy season. In the next pictures, you can see the water has just started to enter the hangar. Over the next 6 or 7 weeks we will be working in water. Depending on the year, it could be up to 2 feet deep in the hangar before the dry season starts and the water begins to go down.  


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