The Beach is awesome…. when it’s warm

Hey guys!! How have you been?? Enjoying the snow? Well we are at the beach but it is rainy and cold so we are in our apartment now. 🙁 The sun hasn’t been out a whole lot while we have been here but we got to go to the beach a little!! Yesterday morning we went and walking on the beach, it is so cool to watch the waves coming in. 🙂 We got here on Thursday at about 12 and got to swim that afternoon, we got to swim yesterday afternoon to, it was a little cold though! Now it’s raining and we are going to go to an aquarium! I took a few pictures and so I’ll put them on too!

The mountains are really pretty and we had to drive through a few tunnels to get here!



A picture of the waves coming in.


Another one. (Sorry for the dates on the bottom.)


We spent almost all of Thursday catching these things, we still don’t know what they are. 🙂 Do they creep you out?


A sand dollar! It is a really cool creature!




A few pics of our family. 🙂

Well there you go! Our stay at the beach in Brazil! Have a good weekend!

-Mariah S.



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