Sheet metal and test results

We have been doing lots of riveting. Here are some of the tools I have been using. Rivet gun, air drill, caliper, along with my riveting project. Our project was to fabricate a piece of sheet metal using 5 different types of rivets.

I also found a neighbor who agreed to let me rent his plane for a reasonable fee. I flew it with an instructor a few times and then took my first solo flight in it a few weeks ago. Everything was fine, I visited with the owner on the radio after I landed and told him everything was great and then shut down the airplane. I spoke too soon. While pushing the plane back into the hanger, I was not in the center of the doorway and I hit the wing tip.  Not good!  I sheepishly stopped at the owners house and told him what happened. I was very thankful when his response was “Well, that’s what you are going to school for. Looks like a great project”. So….that is what I’ve been doing after school and during lunch hour. Here is the project during and after the final paint job.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have all the pilot requirements completed except my commercial license. To obtain any pilot rating involves passing a government written test and then a checkride with a FAA examiner. I have been studying for my commercial written for the past few months and I passed the test last Saturday.  As soon as the weather calms down (the airplane I’m using is based on a grass runway so it either needs to be frozen or dried out in order to takeoff) I will start training for the checkride.

Here is a turbine engine– called a PT-6. It has been in our hanger for a few years, and now someone wants to use it so we had to remove some of the old parts.

I am about halfway through the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class and am learning some neat things. The last lesson was on the Christian missionary movement from Acts to 18th century or so. I’ve never heard or read much about what happened during this period.  It has been interesting to learn about the Vikings, Huns, St Patrick, etc as they spread the gospel across the world.

Here is the Cessna 206 flying on the Amazon!



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