Another quote from my Perspectives class. “History has shown throughout the ages, whenever the Kingdom advanced, someone first had to pay a terrible price” Phil Butler, Interdev

This quote so accrately describes the mission we are going with, ProjectAmaZon. In 1976 (the year I was born!), Luke and Christine Huber started the mission. The early days of this mission looked much different from what we see today. Currently,on any given Wednseday night, there will be 60,000 people attending¬†PAZ cell groups in homes around the city of Santerem (city where PAZ is headquartered)! However, for the first few years after starting the mission, there was little or no visible growth. ¬†In 1994, Luke was killed in a plane crash. As you can imagine, this was devastating to the family and his close Brazilian friends. But, from the stories we hear, that was when Luke’s vision of reaching the Amazon became the Brazilians vision. A terrible price for the advancement of the kingdom.

I have completed the Perspectives course. Wow, that was an amazing class. Lots of reading and I am still digesting what I’ve learned but it was definitely worth it. I also passed 2 written tests and 2 oral and practical tests and now I am an Airframe mechanic. From now until August we are working on Powerplants. Once those tests are passed, I will have my Powerplant license and will be an A&P. We broke up into groups of 2 or 3 students and each group is assigned an engine to tear down, inspect, repair as needed, and then re-assemble. The engine should run at the end. My group was assigned a Continental IO-470.

For the fuel systems class we have to check the fuel pressure for a fuel injected system. To do that, we needed to get another engine running that has been sitting since last years class. This has been a week long project. First there was no fuel pump on the engine so we had to piece together a pump. Once we got this done, we did get the airplane started! It is actually the most “real” airplane in the hangar (has wings on, etc) so the whole class was out to witness this. Although it did start, it ran really rough so we are still diagnosing what other issues it may have. It has been fun and I’ve learned a ton.



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