Parque Ecologico And Modeling Pictures (by Mariah)

Olá pessoal!! Hope you are all enjoying summer break! Here we are just enjoying ‘winter’ break! Tomorrow we are leaving for the Foz do Iguaçu–I am sure someone will write about that trip on here–and we are all very excited!! But that is not what I’m going to write about. I (we) did these things yesterday just to let you know (i like to let people know when it happened/date :)). First I will tell about our trip to Parque Ecologico (this wasn’t just any trip) then the modeling session. 

  Jaelah and I had just finished an outfit and dad said we (everyone except mom, who stayed home) had to go to the Parque (Parque Ecologico), we weren’t really that happy about going but we cheered up because we could take the iPad and take modeling photos. Dad said we had to go on a different trail than our ‘usual one’. It was pretty steep up and down hill. Then there was 2 paths, one that went into the woods and one that went uphill more. We took the one that went into the woods and took some pics along the way, pretty soon we couldn’t find the path and dad said he could see it but finally he said he didn’t know where we where!!! We walked through the woods, lost, for a few minutes and then we started noticing our surroundings. At one point, dad said we might end up in the United States but it was OK because he had some crackers and some water—but then we found the path again. We were all pretty sweaty and ready to go home when we finally got back to the car but dad and Luke weren’t ready to yet. Jaelah and I weren’t to happy about this because, we thought we were going home! But dad said we could play on the iPad and so we went to one of the courts and dad and Luke played b-ball for a while then I went and played ‘PIG’ with dad. Then we departed for home and I took some more modeling pics of Jaelah and Sierra. I–of course–have some of the modeling pics to put in here and a few from the Parque! 

  This isn’t the best picture but this spot had an AMAZING view of everything!!

Maybe the first picture with them two together!

This tree was HUGE!!!!

Okay this is the only pic of me you’re getting!

Now some modeling pictures!!!

      Above: This outfit is with pictures we took when we got back from Parque. 

Above: I can’t remember if this is a fake laugh or a real laugh.

Above: This one was from the ground up, maybe one of my favorites!

                                                                                                   Above: I like this one too!

Above: This was probably her favorite! But she didn’t like how I put her legs.

Above: I didn’t think she’d want be to put this on here but she said it was fine. I actually made her laugh in this one. 🙂

Above: This one might be my favorite!

Above: She was a natural but didn’t really know what to do with her hands. 🙂                                                                                                            Above: This one is cute too!!

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this post by me and hope you laughed a bit (i think some of my aunts defiantly will!) I don’t think my portugues friends can read this but I don’t know that much portugues and didn’t want to be lazy and use Google Translate! 🙂




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