Only 7 months to go!

We finished our fabric project!  It is a boat. Also here is the rest of the class and their projects:


We are currently studying hydraulics, landing gear and sheet metal. We took apart a front wheel assembly and inspected and installed the main gear on a Cessna 182 they just brought in from California.


Also posted here is a Cessna 206 that was ferried to the Amazon in December.  Most likely this will be one of the planes I will be flying. Here is a link to it departing from the States

Here is the plane I got my tailwheel endorsement in. We are doing some fabric work on it after school. I flew it to Kentucky last fall to see my friend Kentucky Dave and to keep my flying skills sharp.

 Saturday I took Mariah snow tubing for her birthday (click on her name for a short video) . Probably won’t do alot of this in Brazil!





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