one month down…. 11 to go

I’ve made it through about a month of class. It is going better than I expected and it has been awesome to meet the other students— many of whom are heading to the mission field. It is also really neat to see how they still want to be used even during this year of training. We discuss witnessing to neighbors, mentoring each other, and helping out one another in class. The first day of class, MAF brought the newest thing in aviation ministry– the KODIAK. This is an airplane designed specifically for the mission field.  Every 10th airplane, the company gives one to missions at cost– needless to say there is a wait. It is a turbine powered airplane (runs off of jet fuel which is much cheaper and more available than regular airplane gas). We all got to ride in it. The one the brought was the first one they manufactured – hence the #1 on the nose.


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