Moving / Packing / Goodbyes

Tonite we moved out of the rental house and into my parents basement. Last night janelle went to my sister’s with Mariah’s friends for one last sleepover and to celebrate Mariah’s birthday which will occur the day we arrive in Sao Paulo. I packed up our beds, dressers, and other borrowed furniture last night with Sierra so when Janelle got “home” today there wasn’t really any place to lie down. Which was an issue because she has been feeling sick the last few days (getting better thanks to your prayers!). She was curled up on part of a mattress when I found her (after running to the store to pick up some things to patch up the house) and I told her to just go home and sleep… she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said “I don’t have a home”.  Wow, felt like I got punched right in the gut. For those of you that know my wife, she is the sweetest thing, and for her to feel this way kills me.  But for now, it’s all I can give her. God will get us through. We are sorting through stuff and packing for the next year. We are also packing stuff that we will not need immediately and putting it in bags for teams and family members (hopefully :)) to bring down. We will be at my parents for the next week or so. My mom is having treatments in Bloomington IN so they are not home for the next few weeks.

10 days left.




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