Move #1

I am way behind on blogging, due in part to some of the fun things we’ve been doing this summer, and some of the not so fun (PACKING).  My parents brought the hog trailer up to Michigan yesterday and we moved all our stuff into their basement (see above picture).  Unfortunately this is only half of it, and I have to go through ALL of it again before the big move to Brazil–if you see anything you’re interested in let me know, we’re still trying to get rid of stuff too!

We made it safely to Illinois & will be bouncing between our parents’ houses the next couple weeks til we head out to Colorado for training.  If you have room on your prayer list for us, pray that the visa application process would smooth out and speed up…so far it has been confusing, frustrating, slow, and bumpy 🙂

Thanks to all the great friends we made in Michigan for the love, hugs, cards, prayers, offers to help, lunch yesterday, etc. etc. etc.–


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