On thursday, August 9, I took my last written test and received my aviation mechanic’s license–Yea! Friday was graduation and “good bye” to the class and instructors. Sunday was a farewell picnic put on by our wonderful church family that we’ve come to love over the last year.

I have been helping at the local airport after school to gain experience — here we are preparing and painting an airplane:



While we were waiting for the painter, my flight instructor (again, one of the great Christ-followers that I’ve met here in Michigan) and I took his plane up to keep my flying skills sharp:

Super Decathlon – aerobatic airplane

Right now we are praying fervently for our visa process.

Short story (I’m sure my wife will give the long version): A Brazilian religious visa requires formal bible training. To meet this requirement, we took the class; Perspectives on the World Christian movement. The certificate of completion needs to be “legalized” by the Houston consulate. We have sent these in, and been rejected, twice. Each process took 3 weeks so we feel like we’ve wasted about a month and a half in this process. We are waiting on one more seal and then we will re-submit sometime next week. Our God is amazing and can get this to go through. ¬†After that is legalized, then we will apply for the actual visas– which we need to have before we can leave on October 25!


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