Mariah’s first experience with kids her own age

Two Sundays ago we went to a new church. There was about 50 people there and at first I didn’t see many kids my own age. However after church there was a birthday party and lunch. Jaelah and I were quickly surrounded by kids who wanted to talk English to us. They invited me to spend the next weekend with them at the church. It is Carnival here, a huge celebration with many activities that are not good for kids. Therefore the church invites kids to spend 4 days at the church to worship, praise God and have fun. I went on Saturday for the whole day. It was really fun. I got there before most of the other kids did and I helped do a few things in the kitchen, plus learned a few words. Then we had lunch, which was arroz e feijão e salada (rice and beans and salad). Then most of the kids went to go on the streets to spread the gospel, but I didn’t get to go because dad and mom said I couldn’t go without them. There were some girls that helped teach me some Portuguese but then we got a phone and used Google Translate to talk back and forth. Then one of the girls brought out her Tablet and let me play some games (Tablets are slightly longer and skinnier than and Ipad). Then around 4 we had a dessert (I do not know how to spell it, it is a Brazilian dessert) and ice cream. It was very, very good!! We sat and ‘talked’ for a while and then went to worship and sing songs. My família  came around 7 because there was a barbeque afterwards.  We got home around midnight! We were all very tired the next day! Now I will put some pictures on from that day!

Above: This was the lunch we had, it was very good!


Above: Me and one of the friends I made named Thais.


Above: Thais and another friend named Alexandre.


Above: Worshiping/ singing.

Those are all the pictures I took. I made some other friends that aren’t in the pictures. Their names are: Isabella, Rafaella (the r is pronounced like a ‘h’), and Giovana. They are all very nice girls that always want to talk to me!




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