Mariah’s Easter post

Hi, everyone!! This is Mariah! I’m so excited about Easter, like I was Thanksgiving! Easter is not just about candy, it is also about Jesus rising from the dead on the third day! My favorite part of Easter is going to church on Sunday to listen to the story of Jesus”s resurrection. Also,my favorite Easter song is one we sang for the Easter program.It goes like this:

Jesus died upon the tree,

when the precious cup was poured

Crown of thorns He wore for me,

when they pierced Him with the sword

Sent from God to set me free,

They proclaimed Him King adored

On the cross at Calvary,

love was given from my Lord

A few things I’m thankful for on Easter are–a van for driving to Illinois to visit family, people are nice enough to support us to go to Brazil, and family to care about me.

Miss u, and hope u all have a wonderful Easter!!!!!



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