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Hi! This is Mariah. I haven’t written on the blog for a while. As some of you know, we have been in Colorado for the past three weeks for cross-cultural training. I’ll give you some info, also I would recommend it! Our teacher was a lady her name was Miss Darci! She was super nice and wasn’t like no messing around during the lessons. The most important lessons where learning what TCK meant, anyone have any guesses? It stands for third culture kid, it means lets say you were born in Australia and then when you where 6 you moved to Haiti to become a missionary, that’s what TCK means! The other  thing is the transition bridge I’ll explain it, you start out on settled in your house, then you move to un-settled when your parents tell you are moving, when it comes close to moving day you move into chaos until you are moving into the re-settling stage which you are getting settled into your new home and last of all you move into new settled and you are all settled in your new house!

We also learned how to become really good pranksters! There was 4 other classes besides the nursery. We where the first to oldest class, we started playing pranks on the teenagers and they did prank after prank on us but we where waiting til the end on Thursday night to do our prank at night so in the morning they could walk in and go who in the world but then of course they knew  it was us because we where playing pranks on each other! Some of the pranks they did  were, putting sticky notes that said “thank you” all over the room, tipping over the couch and love seat and flipping our binders(this was while we were having our pillows signed, you’ll find out about the pillows later), silly stringing us, and stealing our bean bags, that’s about all the pranks they did. I think my mom put a picture of the prank we did on the blog. They were surprised! Oh, something I forgot we kind of made it a love prank too. Our teacher got some good bye presents for them and some candy’s to put on their table! The first thing the boys did was start popping all the balloons it was funny!     Now I will tell you about the pillows. That was the best part of the program! I love my pillow now! We sewed on all the pieces and then a lady sewed on our back pieces and sewed the pieces down, and the next day we stuffed them. My mom put a picture of my pillow on here so you can see it done.

I forgot,  we didn’t have to make our own food! We just had to be at the door ready for the meal! On Saturday and Sunday for breakfast we had it til nine, and then they closed it. On just Saturday we could make a lunch at breakfast and take it with you if you where going some were. We had two rooms and when we did the prank we blew up some balloons in there. They where quite big rooms! Their was a bed in mom and dad’s room and they moved that in the kid’s room, on the floor.  Well that’s about all I have to tell you!


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