Madeira River Project

The Lord has opened up several places for us to advance His Kingdom. We are being lead by the Holy Spirit to reach people and places untouched by the Gospel.¬†One of the greatest problems in the missionary context is the one already announced by Jesus, “Lack of workers in the harvest.”

In order to reach people, we must go where others do not want to go. More accurately for today, there are workers, but not many who are willing to go too far from their comfort zones. Sadly, thousands of people suffer without knowing Christ because there is no one going to preach.

Moved by love and a passion for the lost, research began on the less well-developed areas of the Amazon region.  Project Fronteiras ( discovered that the Madeira River region is greatly in need of the Gospel of Christ

Missionary pilot Matthew Steidinger began a series of reconnaissance flights to collect data and scout areas that could serve as a strategic base for reaching the region for Jesus.

With this information in hand, we issued a challenge and five families have accepted this mission of taking the Gospel to the central region of the Amazon Basin.


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