Luke’s first boat trip

Last week Dad took Luke and I on a boat trip. I was not worried about snakes, sleeping in a hammock for 5 nights, the piranhas, the hard, hot work….the biggest reason I didn’t want to go was because I thought I would miss my mom…Alot. – Jaelah


A picture of the church floor when we arrived.

The outside of the church the first day– no roof.


The even let dad run a saw!


Making rafters– by hand…with a chainsaw.


Carrying the finished rafters into the church.


Luke and Jaelah working well together, well… least they are working together

Luke worked with the concrete so his dad didn’t have to.

Luke still going strong!

Finishing the floor.


At the same time, we had a team doing a kids VBS and a team of dentists to provide health care to the communities. Jaelah was also asked to give her testimony– In portuguese (click here to view)


I would love to say these guys are diligently working on something for the church…however, they are actually making a gun for Luke!



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