Leadership training

Hi everyone! This is Mariah!

Dad, his disciple, and I have started going to a class every Sunday from 8 to 11 in the morning. It is called             Basic Leaders Course (Curso Basico de Lideres) and during the six months of class you learn more about the Bible. We have been going for about a month and have had to do two skits and have a test this coming Sunday!

We have two teachers, but we will not always have the same ones. One teaches until 9:30, we have a snack, and then the other teacher has the time. Rose, the lady teacher has talked about evangelism and we went out last Sunday to do some evangelism. There are four groups with 12 people each and she gave us each a street to evangelize on. My dad divided our group into half and one group went on one side of the street while the other group went on the other. (My group got to only three houses.)  At the first house  a woman named Danielle answered and when we asked if we could come in and pray for her whole family she said no because her dad didn’t approve, but some of our team stayed and prayed just for her; at the second house a man answered who was not too anxious to talk and said he couldn’t come to church that night because he was leaving the city that afternoon; and at the last house we went to, Marcos answered and said he went to the PAZ church, his wife wasn’t saved, and we found out that his aunt worked for us. One of our friends took three people to church that night from evangelizing!

Vanderson, our other teacher has talked about a person’s relationship with God and different feelings. That same Sunday we had to do a skit for his class and each group had a theme; ours was a Christian family, and the others were a non-Christian family, a truly saved cell group, and a ‘fake’ cell group. Our skit had a family with three members (including me) not saved and two who were and tried to get us to go to cell with them. My dad was the leader of the cell group, and him and his ‘wife’ were praying for the members. Meanwhile, at my ‘house’ the two saved were trying to get us to go to cell with them. We finally went and showed out excitement to be there. This was supposed to demonstrate the value of a having good family ties. I am excited to see what else we are going to learn over the next 4 months!



One of the four groups starting their skit


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