it feels like rain

forgive me for the bad picture, it’s iPhone 5 quality.

but i had forgotten to take the clothes off the line and so at 7PM after eating dinner i had to go outside to take them off. i took my dad’s phone as a flashlight, and ended up taking pictures of the beautiful night sky & bright moon.

(typical of me. i take pictures of most things i think are cool, and sometimes i don’t even think the thing is cool, and i still take a picture of it….hahaha?)

it felt like rain. that tense, heavy air. ever felt that? i’ve felt it MANY a time.

the way the wind moved the trees. it felt chillier & heavy.

it felt like rain.

like a rain that God would send on us to redeem us. to sanctify and consecrate us with. to refresh us. to enable us to do HIS will. to make disciples of the nations for HIM.

there is a song in Portuguese

okay, wait.

i can’t continue. i’m sorry.

i have a confession. (wopper….)

so, remember that post i wrote about ‘this cross we’ve been given’, the one about we might be moving? i got such an amazing response from so many people, that i can’t take credit for. God gave me those words & He put those words there.

but, i WAS taking credit for it. and maybe now, i kinda still am.

i remember commenting at least once, if not on that post then another, something to the tone of: ”thank you so much! i can’t take credit for it tho! it was all God!.” again, not verbatim but maybe something close.

there is a verse in ecclesiastes taht s


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