Humaita- road trip

Last month at 4:30 one morning seven guys left Santarem to “spy” out the land for our move next year. We drove over 1800 miles– mostly dirt. Two river trips allowed the Brazilian missionaries to experience the river culture in another state. Two families (including us) will live in the city of Humaita along with the group leader. Janelle is happy that we found a house to rent so she can visualize where everything will be– well, except when i was filming i went a little too fast in some rooms– just so she would have a few surprises. The board of Salt and Light (our new mission) also decided to purchase another house which will be remodeled into an apartment for one family, a small mission office, and some guest rooms for workers coming in from the river. Here’s a few photos:

Crowded car with 7 guys. sometimes not the best smells either.


Just one more wooden bridge on the Transamazon highway


the tires do get some wear and tear from the rocky roads. just one flat though!


I met a Baptist pastor the last time I visited Humaita. He insisted we come to church and basically turned the service over to us. He even let a gringo preach a bit!


The team heading out to do some community visits.


One of the many barges we needed to cross where they haven't built a bridge yet


Dirt roads equal dirty car


we overnighted in a city called "alligator"


We stopped in a the city of Apui where i ministered earlier this year. The church is super excited about our project and we even have financial commitments from some of the families!


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