Holambra; By Mariah

Hello, everyone!! Hope you are all doing good!! On Saturday we went to Holambra (‘Hol’ stands for Holland, ‘am’ stands for America, and ‘bra’ stands for Brazil) for a ‘flower expo’. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go but I am sooooooo glad we went!!


A pastel, you can get different types (pizza, sausage, cheese, broccoli).

After our ‘lunch’, dessert. 🙂



This might have been the prettiest bouquet of flowers!

This is such a great idea-they’re tires. There was one ‘set’ that had them as seats!

This is cool too! At first I didn’t realize that it was wooden crates!

Us kids!!

Just girls! It is actually a pretty good picture!!

Sierra with Little Red Riding Hood.

Boys picture!!

Totally the cutest picture!! (She is kissing him)

So cool!!!! Don’t you think????

I have never seen any flowers like this, it is really cool!!!

Another of dad and Luke, they had a few different ones set up all over the place.

Luke and Sierra. She wasn’t tall enough, so Jaelah had to hold her up. 🙂

So, hope you all enjoyed the pictures!! That’s all for now, I’ll try to write posts more often though!

Mariah S.


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