Guest blogger- cousin Paige

On November 19 through the 26, my Dad, Mom, my brother Cody and I made a visit to Santarem, Brazil. It was so fun seeing, talking and hanging out with family that we haven’t seen in a long time! The first day we stayed in Santarem we got everything settled and were about to all take showers. But when my mom moved the curtain a frog jumped out of the shower! She wasn’t very fond of that at all! I was so surprised! So we caught the frog and put him outside then we saw a giant cockroach climbing up the bathroom wall. Aunt Janelle said it was normal size and just killed it with a shoe like no big deal but us from America thought it was HUGE!!! On Tuesday we got ready to go on an overnight boat trip. We went on the trip so we could give people in a community water filters, so they could have cleaner water to drink from the Amazon River. My dad, Mark, his brother, Matt and “Little Mark” or Marquino would drill holes into a 5-gallon bucket to insert the water filters. filterThe small filter will get rid of the bad stuff. As they were working, Marquino and Matt would explain how the dirty water would represent us as sinners. The filter would represent Jesus and how through him we are clean and pure. I think that’s super cool and totally well thought through. We met so many wonderful families there and it really opened my eyes! A little boy named Wesley that I remember was so sweet and cute and loved his bibles story book we took him. I also got to swim in the Amazon! I was so nervous to jump in. So now I can say I swam in the scary Amazon River!!! One night Cody, Sierra, Luke, and I used plastics cups to “fish” for minnows. We actually caught a couple of minnows, then we used those to fish for bigger fish but we never caught any. At night we slept in hammocks. hammockThe hammocks were super comfortable. We had them lined up in a and we all close together. The whole trip was super fun and exciting and I’m glad I was able to go.



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