God is good

friends, i have no words. many, many topics, but no words.

life has been busy lately. really busy. our schedule is quite full….

but, it’s the holidays so…what to expect i guess?!? hahaha

yet, even in these super busy times, i have been trying to find time to sit.

to get off my phone and sit and be and look and watch and listen and hear.

whatever i can.

drink it in.

see God thru His creation,

see Him move in my life.

my everyday life.

and friends, let me tell you, it is oh so marvelous.

these times have been busy, but my heart has been full.

full to overflowing.

Psalm 23 says, ”you anoint my head with oil, my cup runneth over. surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and i will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”


my cup runneth over. it always does, if we look to see it. but i see it now. i don’t know if my eyes are being opened (so hope this is true!) or if they (my blessings) are more evident or what. but it runneth over.

again and again. over and over.

so i guess i will repeat what has sorta become my ‘saying’ lately: God is good (+ praise hands emoji)

so friends, i guess for this holiday season i can only hope and pray and wish that your cup runneth over like mine does.

that in the mundane of the everyday the little blessings will be evident.

that if your situations stink that you can still say, “God is good (+ praise hands emoji ;)”

that you will find God in the everyday.

that you will SEEK God in the everyday.

but above all, that your heart this holiday season will be right with the Savior.

the amazing God and Creator of everything whom we celebrate this season.

show people that it’s not about gifts or sales or things.

but that it’s about giving, it’s about people, it’s about GOD.

because HE is worthy.

and we can only sing His praises.


friends, family….

i am closing up this post but i just wanted to say thanks.

thanks for supporting us. not just financially but physically, spiritually, and mentally as well.

your support is what keeps us going. what keeps us up. what helps us not get stuck under the weather.

and this holiday season, i am thankful for ALL OF YOU.

may God bless you and may you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s with your family and friends.

know that you’re loved.

and BE the love. <3


tchau for now,

Jaelah Eden


PS. maybe i did have some words after all hahaha 😀


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