Giving thanks

I used to have a sign hanging in our kitchen that said ‘There Is Always Something To Be Thankful For’.  Some days I needed that reminder more than others 🙂

Every day I have something to be thankful for, but especially so this week.  The first week of each month we receive a report that lets us know who has given to us financially the previous month. Since we started on this journey as missionaries with Project AmaZon we’ve received 6 of these reports, and so far, I’ve cried every time.  Not sad tears…but tears of joy, thankfulness, humility…it just plain overwhelms me.  And I hope that never changes, I hope and pray each month brings me to tears when I look at that report, praising God and thanking Him for each person on the list.  Each month so far there have been a few new names on the list, and some have surprised me, and just wowed me with God’s provision for us, that He would prompt other people to share with us so that we could go do His work.  It is exciting to see ‘new names’, but I also thank God for the names that have faithfully been on that list every month…each of those people willing to sacrifice something for us, but with a much greater purpose and vision beyond just ‘us’–to allow us the freedom so that Matt’s full time responsibility each day can be flying in the King’s service….’So that all may know” I Kings 8:60


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