Finally took pictures off the camera…(part 2)

Jaelah’s birthday in April…

Luke holding his newest cousin Kieran.  Nice to know he can sit still long enough and be gentle enough to hold a baby–he actually really likes babies.

The fantastic group of girls I’ve studied the Bible with over the last 9 years…we met up in Chicago one Saturday for some shopping and eating 🙂  Corner Bakery for breakfast, Cheesecake Factory for lunch, and for supper…

Buca di Beppo (did I mention we that we ate? 🙂  Amy, Jill, Marie, Jessica, Megan, Rebekah, Sharon (and Jami-we missed you!)–it was a great day, thanks for good talks and lots of laughter and wonderful memories!  I was very thankful I didn’t hit the deer that ran across the interstate in front of me on the way home–at 1AM–I don’t think Matt would’ve been too excited to come pick me up!

These two had  so much fun when Ryan & Hope and  their crew were up for the weekend–but Luke was sad to see him go when it was time for Braeden to leave–just not enough time to finish the fort they were building!

The first weekend in May we went to meet our new niece–sweet Meron came ‘home’ from Ethiopia to Jason & Joy’s and we were able to celebrate her birthday with her–at Chuck E. Cheese–our kids were slightly excited.

My birthday–I’ll just let you guess  how old I am…….and in my defense I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any makeup on that day and I had a terrible cold–but it was a great relaxing day anyway.  My sweet husband & son went to the store and picked out this cake for me and some beautiful potted flowers for the front steps.

Last weekend Grandpa & Grandma Steidinger came up to stay with the kids so Matt & I could go away overnight for our anniversary this week.  Grandpa brought a go-cart along and guess who wanted to drive??


And he’s driving again–he had a ball on this 4 wheeler at Terry & Laurie Steffen’s.  He drove it for the first time a couple weeks ago and has been asking ever since to go back–he got his chance Sunday afternoon before we headed to the beach  with them.

A beautiful, beautiful day at the beach–unfortunately this is the best picture I got.

Our anniversary–13 terrific years!!!  Life with Matt is never boring–can’t wait to see what the next 13 bring 😉 I love you honey!



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