Here is a timeline of rebuilding our engine. This is the last major project before graduation.

Here is the engine as we start putting pieces back into the crankcase.  On the left (shiny disc) is the end which the propeller attaches to. The long round shaft running the length is the crankshaft.


Once we got the pieces all situated inside the engine, we put the crankcase halves together and set it vertical. Here we are putting the pistons in the cylinders and attaching the cylinders to the crankcase. We have 4 on and 2 more to go.

All the cylinders are on and we are adding the fuel injection system:

“Robbing” some parts off another engine so ours will run:


Ready to set the engine into the airplane. There are many hoses, wires, and tubes to hook up:


They actually caught me doing something…. I told them not to do that again!

Finally we got it set into the the airplane with the propeller on:


We have liftoff!!!  not really.  This airplane has been pieced together over the years so there is no way it would fly safely; however on Friday afternoon, I was able to fire the engine up and it idled great.  Wow, miracles still happen:


I am also helping do an annual inspection on the airplane that I have been flying– This is a Cessna 177 (Cardinal) . This is outside of class– weekends and after school but it is great experience:




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