Engine teardown

Our engine is now in pieces. I am thankful for my partners because whenever I take something apart and re-assemble it, there are usually alot of extra pieces. I kept asking my instructor when we could start “tearing it apart” and he would continue to correct me saying, “you are going to carefully dismantle it”.

Removing cylinders. Airplane engines are different than cars and trucks. Automobile engines are water-cooled so they have structure (water jackets) around all the cylinders. Airplane engines are air cooled so they need air to circulate around each cylinder to keep them from over-heating.  Therefore the cylinder bolts right to the crankcase and you remove the cylinder and the piston together.

Top cylinder is removed:

3 cylinders removed (total of 6)


All cylinders removed:

Crankcase split and removed. The only thing left on the stand is the crankshaft:

Pieces of the engine:

And even some time for play. Luke and Sierra are practicing traveling in Brazil. Cram, cram, cram:


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