Engine inspections

We are cleaning inspecting, cleaning and fixing parts. Here are the pistons:



Here are some of the tools we have been using:

We have been grinding the valves to make them “seat” better. This gives the engine better compression which means it will burn fuel more efficiently and give you more power.

Here is a short video of the valve grinding process:

grinding valves


We are also working on propellers. Inspecting them for damage (you don’t want these things to fly off while you are flying!)


Since our group is a little further ahead than others, we were allowed to start disassembling a radial engine.  The pistons / cylinders are arranged in a circle and there are usually 9 pistons.  We pulled the accessory case off the radial.  Here are the gears that open the valves and turn the pumps and ignition parts for the engine to run.  This is going to be one of those projects where I definitely need to read the manual in order to get it back together.










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